The platform of Ensan

A Syrian space that sheds the spotlight on humanitarian work, beat out of it, adopt humanitarian disciplines and values, and believes that humanitarian work has its main role in building a flexible and civilized society for the future Syria.

The platform is available only in Arabic for the current time.

Why Ensan?

Good has its own loyal volunteers in all places and ages, who only hold on tighter to their case in times of crisis and war. Hence, the platform of Ensan was born amongst them, stands by them in their quest to look for a field of peace and goodness in the reality of crisis, and provides its services to facilitate humanitarian work and increase its efficiency.

Whom Ensan is for?

The platform of Ensan is interested in the humanitarian aspect and its multiple activities in the Syrian society, and is directed towards all who share this interest wherever they are.

The Vision

A Syria society, of rich resources, aware of its humanitarian message and its civilized role in creating a continuous peace.

The Platform Goals

Increasing the levels of interest and awareness towards humanitarian work for it to be an entrance for peace in Syria

Restoring the Syrians’ confidence in their humanity to build a sound society, and motivating them to be active while pursuing it.

Activating communication mechanisms and systems for workers in the humanitarian field to enhance the effect, raise service quality, and broaden the extension of its reach, to achieve a balanced development.

The Outcomes of the Platform

A mechanism for communication and linking that enables the workers in the humanitarian field to share their experiences and impressions throughout an interactive environment, a knowledge bank, and guide for humanitarian work.

Sharing knowledge content specialized in humanitarian work to develop it and correct misconceptions of it.

Promote voluntary and humanitarian efforts before donors and those who take interest in the Syrian reality, and Syrians themselves wherever they are.

Collect and publish different services and efforts in one place to facilitate accessing and using them.

The Platform Values

Balance – Humanity – Honesty – Diversity – Sharing – Flexibility – Linking.

The Compass of the Platform


The shared content in the platform does not violate any rights or privacy of individuals or organizations, and would not, come what may, target any entity, congregation, or organization, or mistreat any race, sect, nationalism, religion, or doctrine.


Peace is the ultimate aim of humanity. Therefore, the platform would not promote any deeds or activities of violence, but its main functions are to promote and shed the spotlight on different social and humanitarian deeds.


The platform is a tool of knowledge, sharing, and volunteering that aims to develop itself by receiving an independent, neutral and non political support. The platform does not adopt any political or ideological opinions or orientations, does not follow any movement, stream, or party, and works as in a way as not to expose it to any law pursuit.


The platform is an open space for all Syrians wherever they are to share their experiences, and unremittingly works to expand the extent of its work. The platform recognizes sharing from the sources mechanism. Hence, the content of the platform is sharable, and any person is allowed to use it for civil, voluntary, or humanitarian purposes.

We hold ourselves responsible for:

Sharing opportunities, time and effort appreciation, continuous development, joint ownership, responsibility circularity, complimenting one another and working as a team.

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